Anointing oil and Holy Ghost Fire; are they biblical?


Oil was used by the ancients as a form of medication; they used to anoint it on the body of people who were injured and those who were physically ill. Not that they believed it to have some magical healing power but they believed it strengthened the body. Some believe that the oil closes the pores of the skin, and thus prevents the effect of the excessive heat by which the body is so much weakened.

In the biblical perspective Olive oil was used for different purposes for example; anointing priests or kings for entry into office, it was also used for healing and cleansing. The ceremonial use of the oil is found in Leviticus 14:18. In the New Testament we also find the oil used in reference to the sick; the first example is found in Mark 6:13 where the apostles are said to have cast out many demons and anointed many with oil who were sick. The other is found in the book of James 5:14 were it says if anyone is sick they should call for the elders to pray for him anointing him with oil.

Olive oil had a symbolism of God”™s supernatural healing power, in many places it represented the presence of the Holy Spirit but it was never used in a mystic way like it is today; It was also used in wounds (cf. Isa 1:6), the good Samaritan poured it with wine on the waylaid Jew who was injured (cf. Luk 10:34). In the book of James you will notice that the emphasis is in the prayer not the oil; they are not to pray for the oil and then anoint the sick but pray for the sick and anoint him with oil.

The modern day use of oil is not compatible with scripture and it is unbiblical; oil is now used for prayers and sometimes as the access to God”™s blessing. Those who use it believe it to have some magical power and many charismatic and Pentecostal preachers are earning a great deal of money by selling the oil. People are told to pour it unto themselves and on the door posts or windows for protection which becomes a form of idolatry and prayers are become of low priority.

Holy Ghost Fire

Probably you have heard people calling down fire from heaven when they pray and asked yourself many questions. Well, this kind of language is found among charismatic people; they seem to be calling down fire and that is basically what they are doing. This practice is unbiblical and nowhere does the bible instruct us to do so. The only time when fire fell down from heaven was when it consumed the worshippers in Lev_10:2; John the Baptist also talked about fire when he said “He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.” Luke 3:16. What john was referring to as the baptism of fire was judgment.

We conclude by saying no, the modern use of oil and the calling of fire from heaven is not biblical.