Can Christians get sick?

The Word of faith movement has in the past few years introduced some very disturbing and un-orthodox teachings. Many people have clanged to this epidemic heresy that tries to repudiate the gospel meaning. With all this name it and claim it fallacy, a lot of people have been filled with false hope and deception.The teaching that says Christians are not supposed to get sick since Jesus paid for their sickness has caused a lot of confusion on people.This may sound compelling at first, but everything should be examined with Scripture to find if indeed the bible does teach this or not.

The Problem

One of the biggest problems posed by these movements is that they fail to explain why some inside the church fall sick at times and others dies from illness, to counteract their false teaching they developed a theology that says that a believer who suffers from any sickness either doesn”™t have enough faith or he/she is suffering because of some sin they committed.

Verses used to support the idea

False teachers, almost always, come as angels of light (2 Cor. 11:13-15); so it is almost a duty for all false teachers to manipulate scripture and impose their teachings on everyone they wish to deceive or else they won”™t get followers.

The verse that is usually used to support this teaching is found on Mat 8:17 (“This was to fulfill what was spoken by the prophet Isaiah: “He took our illnesses and bore our diseases.” )

Mathews quoted this verse from Isaiah 53:4, but the context does not allow us to conclude by saying that Matthew meant that we don”™t get sick but we understand from the very same verse that even when we are sick; He is the Lord who heals us just as He healed Simon Peter”™s mother-in-law.

Biblical Examples

Let us closely examine some few examples in the bible concerning sickness.

In the case of Job, was he stricken with leprosy because of his lack of faith or maybe because of sin? Doesn”™t the bible say he was blameless and upright? (Job 1:1).  What about Tabitha, The bible says she was sick and died yet being a believer (Act 9:37) and nowhere does it tell us her sickness was due to lack of faith.Epaphroditus in Php 2:27 we are told he was ill unto the point of death, Timothy in 1Ti 5:23we are told had certain infirmities. Trophimus the companion of Paul we are told in 2 Tim. 4:20 he was left sick at Miletum.


All these men and woman quoted above were Godly people who according to the word of faith movement was impossible to suffer from an illness. There are other Godly people who have died due to illness throughout church history and even today, should we accuse them of lack of faith or of sin as the result of their illnesses? Definitely not, sickness and death does not come to us because we don”™t pray enough or lack faith but it happens under the sovereignty of God, the book of Job teaches us clearly that even the righteous can suffer when  God wills it and His sovereignty is not to be questioned. No where does the bible promises us Health and prosperity but that afflictions and persecutions will follow all who live Godly in Christ Jesus in this world, 2Tim. 3:12.

Soli Deo Gloria