Who is pastor Lesego?

Pastor Lesego

Pastor Lesego Daniel Mosoue is a charismatic faith healer from Ga-Rankuwa, Zone 5, North of Pretoria. He is the founder of Rabboni Centre Ministries which is also hosted on satellite TV among other charismatic and Pentecostal televangelists.

On their website they wrote the following: “We have read and heard of miracles, signs and wonders that God reveals when a prophet is born.  Similar to Jeremiah, John the Baptist, recently William Brenham and many other great men of God so was it for Pastor Lesego.”;

Prophesied birth

It is believed among his followers that his birth was foretold before it actually happened, the same claim was made by TB Joshua and many other false teachers like William Branham who is quoted above. Its no wonder that his ministry is involved in supernatural unbiblical activities of mysticism and heresies, because he considers people like Brenham as his mentors, Brenham is not even considered a Christian among evangelicals.


Pastor Lesego is a famous deliverance preacher in Pretoria, South Africa. He believes that people are not saved completely when they receive their salvation but they must then undergo a process which they call deliverance where they break spiritual covenants made by their ancestors and generational curses; they ridicule scripture with this heresy because Scripture states it plainly that if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed (cf John 8:36). see what did Jesus mean when He said it is finished?

Miracle Paper

Rabboni ministry makes use of what has become commonly known as holy water and anointing oil which are believed to be healing sources though indirectly; what is more striking enough is that pastor Lesego not only uses those mentioned elements but goes a little ahead of his contemporaries by introducing other methods of healing; i.e. he often prays for a piece of paper which he then breaks into a number of small pieces and distributes to the congregation, whoever is sick and touches the paper is healed. watch video Mirracle paper

Miracle wall

But that”™s not all, he often prays to the pillars of the building where his ministry gathers and tells them to run to the wall and touch it to receive their deliverance and healing; while that is taking place, the congregation is caught up in hypnotism and all sorts of demonic activities where people fall down screaming and shaking like lunatics while others fall into a trance.watch video Watch video – Miracle Wall


Many people believe him to be a prophet of God but it can”™t be true because his teachings are not compatible to scripture; though he points to the miracles done by him as a sign that God is attesting to his ministry, the same things are done by pagans in pagan worship as satan also comes with all sorts of lying signs and wonders (2The 2:9). Besides, why would God want to attest a false teacher who holds to a bad theology and does not take scripture as the final source of revelation?

Let us not be deceived in any way but watch out for these false teachers who secretly come as wolfs in sheep”™s clothing.

Soli Deo Gloria


~Mirracle paper

~Miracle Wall Pastor Hypnotizes the congregation