Who is Bishop D.J Comfort?

Prophet Dudu Comfort

Dudu Joseph Nkoko, also known as Bishop Dudu J Comfort is the presiding pastor of the Favors Cathedral Church which is situated in Gauteng, Pretoria West at Casa Do Porto building. Prophet Comfort is originally from Gamatlala in Limpopo.

The Favors Cathedral Church

The Favors Cathedral Church is a charismatic Pentecostal denomination which started in February 2011. The main focus of the church is healing, prophecy and prosperity; these three are more emphasized and preached than the salvation of sinners through Faith in Jesus Christ. It is a seeker friendly ministry that promises wealth and good health, and the only people it attracts are those who have nothing to do with God but only want God to serve them.

What they believe

Baptism is necessary for salvation. In their confession of Faith, article 12, they stated the following: “we believe that water baptism by immersion is for the remission of sins. We believe that water baptism is necessary as instructed by Christ in St. John 3:5.” Though they believe that water baptism alone is not a means of salvation, they also believe that it is an outward sign that symbolizes that one has already undergone a conversion experience; which of course is an oxymoron, that is, a contradiction in terms. For water baptism as an outward sign symbolizing that one has been saved, cannot at the same time be a necessity to salvation; and if it was necessary for salvation, it therefore makes Christ a liar who promised the thief on the cross Paradise without Baptizing him first, (cf. Luke 23:43 )

Miracles: The Favors Cathedral is very emphatic on miracles and divine healing to an extent that they believe that the Word of God still needs to be attested by miracles to be proven as the Word of God; “We believe that miracles occur to convince men that the Bible is God's Word.” Miracles in the New Testament attested to Christ”™s ministry and the Apostle”™s to vindicate that they were sent by God; but since the development of the New Testament there was no need for miracles because they had the Bible and the Bible alone was enough to convince man. (1 Cor. 13: 10)

Baptism of the Holy Spirit: They also believe that after salvation one needs to receive a second blessing (The baptism of the Holy Spirit), this is unBiblical because every Christian receives the Holy Spirit at the point of salvation.


Slaves of Truth does not recommend Bishop D. J. Comfort as a faithful minister of the Word because of his heretical teachings mentioned above.



Soli Deo Gloria