Sola Scriptura

Many people wonder why Christianity dissents from all other religions in the world, but the thing that makes it different is that Christianity is a book religion and not just any book but the Holy Word of God. All of the other religions in this world are false and man made, they are based on human laws which can be altered and obliterated when ever it is convenient.

History of the Church

In the history of the church there has been so many traditions written by the fathers but those traditions have never been recognized as authoritative as the bible is; in fact the church is to deny every tradition that does not adhere to the biblical truths.Christianity was not founded upon Mysticism or any form of discovery or human Philosophy; but we have received the canon of Scripture as the only inspired, infallible and inherent Word of God.

Traditions and Councils

During the 16th century Martin Luther and the other reformers turned the world of religion upside down when they rose up against Rome and her doctrines; the Roman Catholic Church was teaching that scripture alone was not enough; they taught that traditions also had to be held equal to scripture and binding. They also believed in oral traditions as well as the infallibility of the pope (when the pope speaks ex cathedra, “˜from the chair”™); the church was forced to rely on councils other than the word of God. There was no truth as truth was being substituted by falsehood and popes;it was so devious to an extent that religious matters were settled by councils and traditions and the bible was interpreted by or through the means of traditions.

The reformers rejected all this and came up with the concept of “˜Sola Scriptura”™ which is to say “˜Scripture alone”™, this Sola is part of the 5 Solas of the Reformation and with this principle of Sola Scripture the reformers argued that all matters of religion should be settled by the scriptures alone; not traditions, popes or councils are to be considered as authoritative and binding to the church.

Personal Revelations

In today”™s culture and especially  among Charismatic and Pentecostal circles the idea of personal revelation and visions seems to be making its way up, even to a degree that new revelations are being brought out which are not found in the bible. With these new revelations, it”™s easy to believe something which is not in the bible. They believe that The Holy Spirit can reveal things to an individual that are equal to the bible in authority, although not found in the bible; the individual can impose his/her revelation to other church members as they believe that it”™s the working of the Holy Ghost. The question is: Does the Holy Spirit reveal certain things which are to be added to the Bible? Or does God reveal things which He has not spoken of in His word?

Is the Bible sufficient?

If we are to rely upon traditions and personal revelation, it could only mean that scripture alone is not sufficient; and this would repudiate all Christian beliefs. When cults are formed, someone (usually the leader)will claim to have seen a vision or had a personal revelation from God which cannot be supported by the Bible; if we on the other hand call ourselves Christians and hold to some extra biblical information, we might as well be relegated as a cult. We would have anything to say against other cults as we ourselves are found to be doing just the same.


I urge you now my Christian brothers and sisters to seek for the truth of God in no other place but the word of God; the scriptures (alone) are enough to make one wise unto salvation (2Ti 3:15). Take the bible out and you won”™t have Christianity. You do not need a new revelation or visions, the Bible is enough for you and in fact the greatest gift that God has given us after Himself is the bible; we must not treat it as a secondary source or just a book of reference  but as the complete word of God. We should not add anything unto it nor remove anything we don”™t like from it, but accept it as we have received it. (Rev 22:18-19)

“If it”™s true it”™s not new and if it”™s new it”™s not true”

Soli Deo Gloria