From a small following of people in the mid-century to it being one of the biggest and most populous religions in the world, since its inception, Christianity has seen perilous times at the hands of Jews, kings, emperors, governors, and at times at the hands of those who professed  it. Nevertheless, with all these potential growth hindering boulders, The Way, as it was known, still managed to find its way with the truth into the hearts of heathens, pagans, Jews, gentiles, the learned and the unlearned; and by the grace of God, Christianity flourished. Its presence truly testified that the light of God had entered the world (John 1:9-10) through His Son Jesus Christ and that it can never be extinguished by man nor by Satan himself (cf. John 1:5, Matthew 16:18). This is God saving the lost by the power of His gospel (Matthew 1:21).

A Work of God

Beastly man reduced to little children, the orphan adopted and given a heavenly Father, the old made into new creations; the young maturing beyond their years. The simple enlightened with God's Word. The empty filled with the Holy Spirit. Self-centred knocked off their pedestals. The seemingly unredeemed bought by blood. The dead made alive. This is a work that only God can do!

Through faithful preachers and humble servants the true gospel sparked revivals and reformations where it had been previously neglected and perverted. It started tradition and pagan renunciations where it was not previously known and heard of. Today, the world population is currently an estimated 7 billion and it is said that Christians make up 28% of this number. That means we have about 2 billion people who profess Christianity in the world today.


But unfortunately, nowadays in a time suffering from post-postmodernism and liberalism the word “Christian” when used, either doesn't mean what it should or is degraded to what it shouldn't be. Watered down to fit the twenty-first century lifestyle of a people defined by same-sex marriages, co-habitation, pro-choice clinics and a superficial belief in pseudoscience”™s such as Darwinian Evolution, which claims that man and ape have a common ancestor; essential doctrines were chucked out and substituted by self-help systems and ideologies. The facts of “In the beginning God created…” have been replaced by . . . wait for it . . . wait for it. . . BOOM! The BIG Bang!!!

Washed-down Gospel

The truth diluted with hazardous chemi-vangi-cals that result in a gospel that doesn't save but kills; comforts for a minute or two, but condemns for eternity. The Living Water which stream from Christ has been polluted by greed and avarice. Lies which sound almost true have crept into the pulpit tickling the ears of millions of congregants. People no longer go to church for the word of God but to be encouraged and be motivated all the more unto a “Get Rich Or Die Trying” mind-set which in the end leaves one broke, broken-hearted and without even 50 cents (pun intended!), mainly because they”™re in debt from sowing seeds money in their pastor's garden.

False Conversions

The beauty of Regeneration has been reduced into a “say this, say that, repeat after me and you're saved” systems of redemption which doesn't redeem but leads straight into the belly of hell. The results of this deadly perversion can be seen on our TV screens and in all media. Blasphemous musicians claim to be Christians. Scientists who don't believe Genesis to be a real historical account but say that “I'm a Christian” now exist. Families who are abortion pro-choice yet claim Christianity as their religion now exist. Preachers who advise you to “go and get it, you deserve it; God wants to bless with houses and cars, money and fame”, well those have always existed throughout the years in different contexts . Pastors have mixed occultism practices with the word of God and accumulated mass followings, we see this everyday on TV, preachers telling people to buy their prayer cloths and sow in their ministries for “˜breakthrough”™.

The Result

The worse thing is that what was once just an American thing has spread into Asia and Africa. It”™s a world-wide phenomenon taking the world by storm and unfortunately, storms are known for leaving widespread destruction in their wake. Poverty-stricken Africans in drought-riddled lands are told that they can speak things into existence. Some are told to eat grass and drink petrol for reasons unknown. The “Bible says” has been forsaken for “my pastor says”.

Where Are We Headed?

Sad times indeed. But just how did we get here? From the Apostle”™s “give all glory to God” to Joel Osteen's “God wants you to be happy” teachings, just how did we get here”¦? And more importantly, where are we headed?

Soli Deo Gloria