What about Prophet Uebert Angel?

Prophet Uebert Angel

Prophet Uebert Angel is the president of Spirit Embassy. He is a televangelist, faith healer and mentor of presidents, multimillionaires, government officials of many countries as stated in their website.

Below are some of his shocking teachings</p


In their statement of faith they wrote the following:

“¢ We believe in one God who reveals Himself in three manifestations Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Creator of all things.[i] See modalism

I went to heaven 


I went to heaven testimony; follow the link below to watch the video.


Inspired prophet

In their unofficial website they wrote the following:

The Prophet Uebert Angel Speaks To God

“The words of the Prophet Uebert Angel has an effect on the believers of the Spirit Embassy. To be a prophet, according to its most accurate definition, is being a person who speaks for God, of or by divine inspiration. The Prophet Angel came into this world on September 6th, 1978. Prophet Uebert Angel continues to spread his knowledge and words, as per the definition, believing his path to becoming a prophet was defined by God”™s intention.”[ii]

His inspiration

Prophet Uebert Angel gained inspiration for his teaching methods through the talents of the late Prophet Kenneth Hagin Senior. The original founder of the Rhema Bible Church and Rhema Bible School, Prophet Hagin”™s influence remains with Prophet Angel”™s teachings to this day.[iii]

Mission and vision

In their website they wrote the following:


We are called to lead people, primarily born-again believers to the place where they operate proficiently in the biblical principles of faith, love, Miracles, healing, prosperity, redemption and righteousness, and to the place where they can share those principles with others. We are sent to teach the body of Christ that the power of Christ can be demonstrated by all believers and not only the selected few.[iv]

Believers ought not to be sick

In their website they wrote the following:

“As a believer you ought not to be sick. It is spiritually, morally, physically wrong for you to get sick – That is not your portion. Healing is your portion. It is the children’s bread according to Jesus. You are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise and you ought to be well. Look at what the Lord said when He was opposed for healing someone: Luke 13:16 records the response the Lord gave: “And ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan hath bound, lo, these eighteen years, be loosed from this bond”¦?”

This is a divine FACT. It is beyond debate for the Lord says in effect – “if you are Abraham’s seed you have a birth right to claim your healing” See! If you are Abraham’s seed (of which we are according to Galatians 3:29), you do not have an option – you ought to be healed. You ought to be well. Believe it! Stand on it! Act upon what you believe! If no person has told you yet that you are Abraham’s seed then see what The Lord Jesus Himself through the Apostle Paul says: Galatians 3:29″

If ye are Christ’s then are ye Abraham’s seed and heirs to the promise” What promise? The promise that includes material blessings and physical healing as is written in Luke 13:16 above. Here is the confession – “I ought to be healed and healthy, I am Abraham’s seed and in Jesus’ name I am well” – that should always be your confession, fully backed by God’s word. We can go on and on with scripture along this line.”[v]

Response seecan Christians get sick?

Prosperity Gospel

In their website he wrote:

“Now, the child of God ought to have God’s best. A child of God was rich beyond his wildest imagination, way before he was even created. He was born into the right family. He was born where the money was and still is. He was born in a place of wealth created just for him. Man wasn”™t created to be a slave, that is why favour follows him and that is exactly why the people who are not in the kingdom work for their money and heap up wealth without the knowledge that they are doing this heaping up of riches for the believer. In short the people on earth are all working for the child of God. Notice what God does: Ecclesiastes 2 vs. 25 ” 26 “¦to the sinner God giveth travail to GATHER and HEAP UP riches that he may give to him that is a believer Of God. All sinners are by scripture working for the believer whether they or you know it or not. Notice here, the devil stole a lot of our material possessions but now he is paying and supposed to pay back sevenfold. God has been and still is involved in the business of making the sinner work to GATHER and HEAP UP riches that will be given to the believer. The Revelation of wealth The wealth of the wicked is yours for the taking. Prosperity is our portion as believers.”

“ It is money with a mission! The church should not be poor and the child of God should not be broke.”[vi]

His unique divine personality.

“The divine person in me can do a million things simultaneously. I can appear to thousands people in their dreams in any part of the world to set them free of their sicknesses, problems and afflictions.”[vii]

Praying for the Impossible (book)

In their website they write:

In this book you will learn

*How to understand heaven’s legal system
*How to get your prayers answered at all cost
*How to get your prayers to be covered by God’s will
*The importance of a written petition to God
*The steps needed to be taken when approaching God in prayer

Judge for yourself

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